ASTM B137 Testing

Applied Technical Services provides ASTM B137 testing services that measure the coating mass per unit area on anodically coated aluminum. The procedure offers essential insight into a coating’s thickness and density which helps manufacturers improve quality control and research and development practices.

ASTM B137 Testing Explained
ASTM B137 is a destructive test method used to determine the mass per unit area of coating on anodically coated aluminum and alloys. Before the procedure, technicians remove any oil, grease, or lacquer to prepare the specimen testing. Technicians then measure the coating area and test the specimen before and after stripping the coating. The test specimen is then repeatedly immersed in a phosphoric-chromic acid solution at a temperature of 100°C until the coating layer is completely removed.
What is ASTM, and Why is ASTM Testing Important?
The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, develops voluntary consensus standards to improve the quality, safety, and standardization of products and practices across various industries and markets. ASTM consists of 30,000 volunteers in more than 140 countries who use their expertise to develop ASTM standards. Government agencies, private companies, and industries worldwide adopt ASTM standards because of their reputation and reliability.
More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
Our state-of-the-art testing facilities offer numerous ASTM-complaint testing and analysis services, including:
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About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services conducts professional consulting engineering, inspection, and testing in compliance with various standards. Our several A2LA-accredited facilities prioritize customer service to ensure our clients receive services quickly without compromising quality. In over 55 years of business, we have continued to foster positive experiences for our staff and clients by providing the following:

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