ASTM D2247 Testing

Applied Technical Services’ ASTM D2247 testing procedures evaluate the water resistance of coated or painted materials in 100 percent relative humidity.
Why are Water Resistant Coatings Important?
Water-resistant coatings shield materials from direct or excessive contact with water, preserving the material’s appearance and physical properties. Corrosive elements thrive in environments with high heat and humidity, which can cause accelerated deterioration in materials and structures. Fortunately, water-resistant coatings are very effective in limiting the harmful effects of water damage and moisture seepage. Waterproof paints and coatings are advantageous for several reasons, including:
Failure to protect materials from water-induced corrosion can lead to the following issues:
ASTM D2247 Testing
During the procedure, experts place coated samples into an enclosed chamber containing a heated and saturated air and water vapor blend. The chamber’s temperature remains at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 percent humidity as the sample endures the corrosive elements for a predetermined time. The coating’s quality and condition will determine how quickly water affects the coating’s color, adhesion, and performance. Coating failure during the ASTM D2247 procedure results from coating deficiencies, substrate contamination, and inadequate surface preparation. The outcome of the test provides insight into the sample’s reaction to atmospheres with high humidity, which helps determine the material’s service life and performance under specific conditions.
More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
The American Society for Testing and Materials is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to improving product quality, safety, and standardization. Applied Technical Services’ A2LA-accredited mechanical, chemical, and nondestructive testing offer an extensive list of ASTM testing and analysis services, including:

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