ASTM D412 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D412 testing services to determine the tensile properties of thermoplastic elastomers and vulcanized rubber. These highly specialized materials must endure the harsh environmental conditions often associated with their applications.
What are Thermoplastic Elastomers, and Why is Thermoplastic Elastomer Testing Important?
Elastomers are polymers whose chemical compositions give them highly elastic and viscous properties. Manufacturers use these materials in the production processes of airbag covers, tires, grips, handles, seals, and other rubber-like materials. Their uses vary across industries and applications, but manufacturers revere thermoplastic elastomers for their versatility and functionality. Thermoplastic elastomers offer several other advantages, including:
Thermoplastic elastomer testing provides essential insight into a material’s properties, aiding in research and development, quality control, and material selection processes.
ASTM D412 Explained
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed ASTM D412, which details the steps needed to measure a material’s elasticity while the material experiences stretching and while it is relaxed. Before conducting the test, technicians make two marks on each end of the sample to gauge the sample’s length. During the procedure, technicians carefully load two specimens into the test fixture in a predetermined position and alignment. The fixture stretches the specimen at a specified elongation and holds the position for 10 minutes. Technicians then remove the samples, allowing them to relax before the technicians measure the distance between the marks. The ASTM D412 testing procedure provides information on the following:
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