Applied Technical Services conducts ASTM D618 Testing to standardize the temperature and humidity of an environment before and during procedures. The primary objective of ASTM D618 is to standardize the environmental conditions for tests involving plastic samples. Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art technology to properly acclimate plastic materials to conditions ideal for comparing test results across different facilities.
Why is Plastic Conditioning Important?
Conditioning is an essential step in the preparation and testing process of plastic materials. Unlike metals, temperature and humidity greatly influence the properties of plastics, so conditioning is necessary to regulate the testing environment to produce consistent results. Conditioning helps with the following:
The Importance of ASTM Testing
The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, develops international testing standards that improve the safety, quality, and standardization of products and their production process. Our A2LA-accredited testing and analysis facilities provide dozens of services in compliance with ASTM to ensure our services adhere to international standards.
About Applied Technical Services and Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services conducts inspection and testing services for businesses in various industries. Once a local business, our operation has expanded to international markets thanks to our commitment to fostering positive experiences for our clients. As an ISO 9001 management, we prioritize the improvement and expansion of our services for the benefit of our clients. Our lab professionals conduct services according to the personal needs of our clients while also adhering to the uniform practices established by ASTM and similar organizations and agencies. To ensure client satisfaction, we deliver competitively priced services promptly without compromising professionalism or accuracy. Our services benefit the following industries:
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