ASTM plastic tensile testing

ASTM D638 Testing

Applied Technical Services’ highly trained technicians conduct services in compliance with ASTM D638 testing standards to determine the tensile properties of non-reinforced and reinforced plastics. Plastics have become a favorite amongst manufacturers, and their demand is at an all-time high, so it’s essential to test plastic materials to determine their strengths and potential uses.
What is Tensile Testing, and Why is it Important?
Tensile testing is a destructive test method used to measure a material’s strength and ability to stretch without breaking. Tensile testing services aid in multiple processes, including:
ASTM D638 Testing Explained
To prepare for the procedure, technicians measure the sample’s thickness to ensure that the specimen’s thickness is between 1 mm and 14 mm, qualifying the material for the ASTM D638 testing standard. Technicians then place the sample in a universal testing machine’s grip at a specified grip separation. Once tightened, the grips pull apart the specimen at various speeds until failure, allowing technicians to observe the material’s tensile strength. ASTM D638 provides information on the following:
About The American Society for Testing and Materials

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM develops internationally recognized standards and practices that help improve the quality and safety and products and services. Users, producers, and consumers trust ASTM standards because of their reliable reputation and standardization across various industrial sectors worldwide. Multiple industries recognize ASTM standards, including:

More About Our ASTM Testing Capabilities
Our multiple A2LA-accredited laboratories conduct numerous testing and analysis services in compliance with ASTM standards. Our experienced professionals use our state-of-the-art environmental, mechanical, and metallurgical testing labs to provide prompt service at a competitive price. ATS employees foster positive experiences for clients by remaining transparent and professional throughout the service process as we address our client’s needs. Please complete and submit an online request form for additional details about our ASTM D638 testing services or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to speak with a representative.

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