ASTM D7091 Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts dry film thickness measurements of nonmagnetic coatings in compliance with ASTM D7091 testing standards.

What is Dry Film Thickness, and Why is Dry Film Thickness Measurement Important
Dry film thickness or DFT refers to a coating’s thickness as measured above the substrate. DFT applies to cured coatings and may consist of single-layer and multi-layer coatings. Coatings protect substrates from corrosive elements, and their thickness may vary across different materials and applications.
Dry film thickness measurements are necessary to ensure compliance with ASTM and ISO standards and specifications. A coating’s performance quality is also a function of its thickness, so its important to measure film thickness throughout each stage of the coating process to ensure the protective layer is functional and adequate for the intended application. Dry film thickness measurements are also helpful in improving product quality and longevity, reducing costs, and controlling the production process of products and materials.
ASTM D7091 Testing Explained
ASTM D7091 uses a dry film thickness gauge or eddy current gauge to measure a nonconductive coating’s thickness on nonmagnetic substrates. During the procedure, technicians use the strength of eddy currents to evaluate the thickness of a protective layer. However, the coating thickness varies throughout the coating system, so the measurement frequency correlates to the coated area’s size. Users should review the standard’s governing specification to determine if the coating thickness is sufficient. There are several advantages to eddy current testing, including:
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Our A2LA-accredited chemical, environmental, mechanical, and metallurgical testing facilities offer ASTM-compliant testing and analysis services. Our ASTM services benefit various industries and disciplines, including:
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