ASTM E190 Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ASTM E190 testing services that evaluate the ductility of welds. 

What is Bend Testing, and Why is It Important?
Bend testing is a destructive testing process used to evaluate the soundness and flexibility of a material. Bend tests offer insight into a material’s mechanical properties and have several advantages, including:
Often used for butt-welded joints, bend tests are also helpful in determining the ductility of composites, plastics, metals, and wood. Bend tests subject samples to simple beam loads, allowing engineers to observe how the material endures the compression, shear, and tension associated with the applied force. The observed data helps manufacturers in their material selection and quality control processes.
ASTM E190 Testing Explained
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed the ASTM E190 testing procedure as an outline for guided bend testing. The method assesses the quality of welds, allowing engineers to evaluate the samples for any discontinuities, such as cracks and other inconsistencies, that hinder the weld’s quality. The standard is especially useful in detecting surface flaws unseen by X-ray analysis
More About Our ASTM Testing Facilities
In addition to bend testing, our ASTM-compliant testing facilities offer various other mechanical, environmental, and metallurgical testing services that benefit clients in numerous industrial sectors. Our lab professionals use their decades of collective experience across multiple disciplines to deliver well-rounded services and solutions for our client’s requests.
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services offers high-quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to businesses worldwide. Throughout our 55-year history, we have continued to bolster our brand through our commitment to our clients, staff, and service. We uphold the following core values to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible:
Our employees communicate with clients throughout the service experience to ensure that our pricing and procedures remain transparent. We offer competitive prices and quick turnaround times, making our services a simple solution to complex requests. Please submit an online request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 for assistance with your ASTM E190 testing needs.

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