ASTM F1140 Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides ASTM F1140 Testing to verify compliance with package pressurization standards and identify potential structural integrity flaws.
ASTM F1140 Testing Standard
ASTM F1140 is a standardized testing method established by the American Society for Testing and Materials for evaluating the internal pressurization failure resistance of packaging, particularly flexible packages. This test is essential for determining how well a package can maintain its integrity and protect its contents under pressure conditions that simulate real-world scenarios, including altitude changes, handling, and storage. The primary objective of this test is to assess a package’s ability to withstand internal pressure without bursting, leaking, or compromising the packaging’s protective barrier. This testing method is particularly important for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.
ASTM F1140 testing subjects the sample package to controlled internal pressure until either the packaging reaches a point of failure, or a specific pressure is maintained for a predetermined duration. The test can be performed using different methods, including burst testing and creep testing. The burst test increases internal pressure until the package fails to provide a measure of the packaging’s maximum strength. The creep test maintains a constant pressure for a specified amount of time to determine if the package can sustain pressure without damage or failure. This testing standard specifies detailed procedures for preparing and conducting ASTM F1140 testing, including guidelines on selecting test equipment, preparing the test subject, and documenting test results. This standard emphasizes consistency and accuracy to ensure reliable data. ATS’ package testing experts make thorough documentation of test conditions, procedures, and testing results to ensure our clients can rely on our reporting for quality control, regulatory compliance, and making the best decisions for packaging design and material selection.
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