ASTM F152 Testing

Applied Technical Services determines the tensile strength of nonmetallic gasket materials in compliance with ASTM F152 testing standards.
What are Nonmetallic Gaskets?

As their name suggests, nonmetallic or soft gaskets are gasket materials made from materials other than metal. These materials consist of common composite sheet materials such as PTFE, ceramic fiber, glass fiber, and aramid fiber. Nonmetallic gaskets are ideal for applications with low pressures where corrosion resistance is needed.

ASTM F152 Testing Explained

The ASTM F152 testing standard outlines the procedures needed to determine the tensile strength of nonmetallic gaskets. The procedure occurs at room temperature and caters specifically to materials made of organic and inorganic fibers. The process evaluates tensile strength through a classification system that gives manufacturers a general understanding of the material’s quality and allows consumers to verify that a gasket meets the requirements for specific applications.

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The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, develops internationally recognized testing standards to improve materials, products, and services. The organization’s digital library consists of over 10,000 standards that outline testing procedures for numerous industries and materials, including:
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