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Phoenix Electrical Testing

ATS Phoenix electrical testing services help clients in the military, aerospace, and automotive industries verify their equipment operates according to specifications. Our lab performs a range of electrical testing methods according to relevant standards. You can see our complete list of electrical testing standards here.
Our Capabilities
Certain industries require extensive safety and reliability verification for their electronic equipment. These products can underperform or fail outright due to several factors including mechanical shocks, humidity, temperature, and contamination, to name a few. Our lab specializes in identifying these vulnerabilities in electronic products, no matter their intended service environment.
ATS Phoenix technicians can perform the following electrical testing methods alone or in concert with environmental stimuli (that we simulate in-house) as part of a more in-depth testing suite. We perform a variety of electrical tests, including the following:
Measuring DC (direct current) resistance of conductors, resistors, and windings
Insulation Resistance
Measuring insulation’s total resistance after applying DC across a dielectric material
Thermal Time Transient
Verifying that two-terminal semiconductor die is properly attached to its mounting header or substrate (improperly placed die, voids, or gaps can cause premature failure)
Identifying faulty switches by checking if current can flow from a specified point on an electrical conductor to another
Dielectric Withstand Voltage
Verifying an insulation sample’s ability to stand up to high voltage exposure by not breaching at specified levels
Magnetic Effects
Testing to measuring magnetic interference emitted by the sample device to determine its effects on nearby subsystems such as aircraft compasses
Electrostatic Discharge
Characterizing the charge transferred into electrical equipment, such as through static discharge caused by humans (our lab controls environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature to produce reliable results)
The ATS Phoenix Advantage
ATS Phoenix has not only established a respected history of performing expert electrical testing but has also developed a sterling reputation for providing quality services. We implement the most up-to-date technologies and processes in our ISO 17025 accredited facility. Our team of technicians can accommodate needs beyond our most standard procedures, so ask us if you don’t see that we offer your method of interest.
We understand the importance of thoroughly testing components and subassemblies. If your company needs electrical testing services from a trusted provider, contact us today to learn more about how our capabilities can serve you.

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