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Phoenix Shock Testing

ATS Phoenix shock testing capabilities serve clients across a broad range of industries for numerous applications. Our experienced personnel keep our lab fully equipped to handle client needs in assessing sample materials for resistance to mechanical shock according to accepted industry standards.
Why Shock Testing?
Products and materials must resist failure as appropriate to their intended service conditions. Durability in the face of mechanical shocks (sudden impacts such as falling off a shelf or another object falling onto it) is one characteristic integral to the success of many products. We perform shock testing to empirically measure this characteristic. Our methods simulate the mechanical shocks that a product may see while in service or during transport.
ATS Phoenix conducts shock testing in the dynamics lab, evaluating the test samples’ performance. Poor results during these tests — marked by mechanical, structural, or connection failure, among other issues —indicate that the sample may not comply with relevant quality standards and can use further design improvements.
Our technicians perform shock testing to several methods and specifications, customizing them to accommodate clients’ specific needs. You can check our complete list of shock testing standards here.
Drop Shock Test
Dropping an object, either through guided drop or free fall, onto an impact surface
Pyro Shock Test
Simulating stage separation for explosive-activated products, including satellites and rockets. Sometimes called pyrotechnic shock testing, this is a high-magnitude, high-frequency method often requested to test electronic components for survivability
Shaker Shock Test
Using an electrodynamic shaker to simulate a mechanical shock environment
Beam Shock Test
Generating desired knee frequencies to measure sample response to a high-frequency shock
The ATS Phoenix Advantage
Over the past 30 years, ATS Phoenix has developed a reputation as a trusted environmental testing services provider. We have maintained our commitment to quality ever since our founding, which has played a key role in our success thus far. As an ISO 17025 accredited lab (cert #3661.01 issued by the A2LA), we exclusively apply accepted engineering and scientific principles to provide superior reporting at a competitive price. We serve the consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries through our shock testing services.
Look no further for a trusted testing provider — ATS Phoenix shock testing services can serve your needs! Contact us today regarding our capabilities.

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