Our Daimler Class 'A' Certification Acknowledging ATS as an Approved Lab

A Daimler Approved Lab

Applied Technical Services is a Daimler approved lab — this means that the European automaker acknowledges our prowess performing various methods of automotive testing in accordance with their standard specifications. The rigorous process for obtaining this recognition signals to automotive clients that ATS is more than qualified to provide the material analysis they need to maintain the quality and compliance of their products.
Attaining Approval
Daimler AG sets high standards for the third-party testing labs that would serve its parts suppliers. Preliminary eligibility depends upon ISO 17025 accreditation, which itself represents a significant barrier for many materials testing services due to the stringency of its requirements. ATS began pursuing Class ‘A’ status by gaining ISO 17025 accreditation (through the A2LA) to perform a variety of testing methods to their Daimler approved standard specifications.
After meeting this prerequisite, our quality assurance division prepared for an exhaustive audit. Daimler-approved inspectors reviewed the entirety of ATS’ testing processes to determine whether they were compliant with the automaker’s requirements. Their analysis found that our automotive testing lab employed processes that were consistent with Daimler standards.
Finally, ATS was judged on our ability to perform the testing for which we sought approval accurately. Our technicians conducted the relevant testing on standardized material samples to their Daimler approved specifications and submitted their findings for review. Their evaluations proved consistent with the correct, standard results auditors consulted for judgment.
For proving ourselves competent in each of these fields, ATS’ automotive testing group was awarded recognition by Daimler AG as a Class ‘A’ approved lab. We are now authorized to serve Daimler suppliers and manufacturers in their testing needs. ATS is approved to perform any of the following test methods to their Daimler-approved standards:
About ATS

Applied Technical Services is a testing, inspection, and engineering consulting provider headquartered in the Atlanta area. During the 50+ years since our 1967 founding, we have grown to serve clients who operate out of countries around the world and who contribute to a variety of industries. Although companies from an array of industries have benefited from our more generalized materials testing services, our capabilities as a Class ‘A’ approved testing lab is most useful to automotive clients who work with Daimler AG.

Our Dedication to Quality
Each of the materials testing services that ATS offers as a Class ‘A’ approved lab is performed in accordance with our quality assurance procedures. To ensure the effectiveness of these practices, we modeled our quality management system to comply with the internationally recognized principles for quality assurance outlined in the standard ISO 9001. By pursuing and achieving certification for this standard, ATS primed itself to continually improve the quality of service that we provide our customers.
To help create a positive experience for the client, we ensure the following:
If your company needs the testing services of a Daimler approved lab, contact ATS today — we take a closer look!

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