Our Daimler Class 'A' Certification Acknowledging ATS as an Approved Lab

Daimler Class 'A' Materials Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services has attained the coveted distinction of Daimler Class ‘A’ materials testing lab. A great deal of hard work and preparation went into securing this recognition, which ATS happily undertook to benefit our clients; achieving this certification ensures that parts manufacturers can opt to receive testing and analysis services approved by esteemed automaker Daimler AG.

The Class ‘A’ certification holds significance in the automotive industry because it is difficult to achieve by nature of its demanding requirements.


First, our lab had to attain ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation on each of the methods for which we wanted Daimler to acknowledge us. The rigor and effort needed to fulfill Daimler’s prerequisite condition prevent all but the most serious testing labs from eligibility.

Next, our quality assurance team prepared extensively for the auditing process. Approved inspectors conduct this meticulous examination to determine whether our test processes are compliant with relevant Daimler standards.
Finally, ATS technicians displayed competence while conducting the test methods in question according to their Daimler approved standard processes. They performed specified testing on controlled sample materials provided by Daimler and returned evaluations consistent with the standard results auditors were comparing against.
For meeting expectations on all of these criteria, ATS was awarded designation of Daimler Class ‘A’ Approved Laboratory. This achievement not only distinguishes our lab as one specialized to serve the parts manufacturers who supply Daimler AG, it indicates our dedication to providing materials testing services of excellent quality to our clients.
Our Capabilities as a Daimler Class ‘A’ Materials Testing Lab
Our Daimler certification qualifies the Marietta Super Lab to perform a variety of materials testing methods in accordance with the automaker’s standards. ATS can determine characteristics of components and materials manufactured for use in Daimler vehicles by conducting the following methods to their approved standards:
ATS: Trusted Testing Provider
For the last 50+ years, Applied Technical Services has delivered testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services of unrivaled quality. Since our founding in 1967, ATS has grown to serve clients operating around the world and who are engaged in a variety of industries. While a variety of other industries can benefit from our generalized materials testing offerings — including aerospace/aviation, consumer products, insurance, legal, manufacturing, military, nuclear, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, steel and aluminum, and telecommunications — our services as a Daimler Class ‘A’ Materials Testing Lab are specifically geared toward clients in the automotive industry.
Our Commitment to Quality
ATS maintains a materials testing lab that is well-staffed by technicians experienced in performing test methods to their relevant standards. We uphold customer service as a guiding principle in our business practices and have enacted a variety of measures to improve the customer experience. Our qualified technicians provide clear, detailed, and accurate reporting on the results of all testing performed on client samples. ATS’ customer service experts facilitate contact with technicians in the event that a client has questions or concerns about their testing results. Whenever interacting with clients, our personnel are engaged, accessible, and responsive to contribute to a positive experience. We accomplish these goals by strictly observing our ISO 9001 certified quality management system.
If your company needs the Daimler-approved materials testing services of a Class ‘A’ laboratory, contact ATS today — we take a closer look!

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