Volatile Organic Compound Testing

Honda VOC Testing

Applied Technical Services provides Honda VOC testing. Clients must know the composition of Volatile Organic Compounds in their production materials — especially in the automotive industry, which heavily regulates VOC content in vehicle paints and interiors. VOCs can be emitted from the materials used in car interiors, such as fabrics and dashboard trims. Volatile Organic Compounds can negatively impact human health and the environment. Research shows that VOCs can lead to certain types of cancers and respiratory illnesses, which has led Original Equipment Manufacturers like Honda to enact these regulations on the materials used to manufacture their vehicles. Automotive VOC testing standards can vary based on the OEM, and ATS is equipped to test various automotive standards.
Honda VOC Testing Procedures
Our lab maintains ISO 17025 accreditation to perform a variety of VOC testing exclusive to automotive interior components, including:

Types of Automotive VOC Tests ATS Provides:

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Applied Technical Services was founded in 1967 and has since established an excellent reputation for the services we provide for various industries. We perform high-quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services for a variety of clients. ATS will take a closer look at your materials to reveal the technical information and solutions you need. Contact the proven Honda VOC testing experts at ATS to schedule your next service.

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