Mercedes SAE Standards Testing

Applied Technical Services offers a complete line of automotive testing services, such as Mercedes SAE Standards Testing, ranging from chemical analysis to mechanical and environmental testing. 

Reference Specification Test
DBL 7392
Coating/Painting for Parts Subject to Moderate Exposure to Corrosion Stress
DBL 5471
Trim & Molded Padded Parts for Vehicle Interiors (composite parts)
DBL 5416
Parts Manufactured from Thermoplastics for Paneling, Housings and Functional Parts for External Applications
DBL 8585
Environmental Protection, Hazardous Substances, Dangerous Goods Negative Substance List
DBL 6714
Hazardous Materials Ordinance
DBL 7398
Heat-Resistance Paint
DBL 7399
General Conditions and Tests for Enamels, Paints and Similar Coating Materials and Associated Coatings
DBL 5306
Supply Specification for Interior Equipment Materials and Similar Products
DBL 5455
Supply Specification for Polyolefin foam
DBL 7391
Coating / Painting for Parts with High Corrosive Stress
DBL 8585
Negative Substance List for the Selection of Materials
DBL 5307
Flame Retardant Properties / Interior Trim Parts
DBL 5869
Supply Specification for Non-woven Fleece
DBL 7384
Supply Specification Coating of Plastic Parts in Vehicle Interiors
DBL 7340
Supply Specification Paints Containing Zinc Dust
DBL 7399
Supply Specification Paints, Varnishes, Similar Materials and Corresponding Coatings
DBL 7381
Coating for Major Passenger Car Components/Body Panels and Other Functional Parts with High Corrosive Stress
DBL 5768
Supply Specification Compression, Molded Fibrous Materials
DBL 5404 DBL 5404
Requirements for Parts Manufactured from Thermoplastics for the Direct and Indirect Areas in Passenger Compartment
DBL 5555
Supply Specification Finished Parts and Semi-finished Products Made of Organic Polymer Materials
DBL 5452
Foam Molded Flexible Cellular Polyurethane Based Materials
DBL 8451
Electrodeposited Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings for Components Manufactured from Ferrous Materials
VDA 278 (A2LA Accredited)
Volatile Organic Compound Detection — Interior Parts

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