Siemens Servo Motor Repair Services

Bosch Equipment Repair Services

Applied Technical Services’ ENI Labs provides certified Bosch equipment repair services. ENI Labs specializes in equipment repairs and inspections. Our technicians will evaluate and inspect your Bosch electronic equipment for free. We regularly repair voltage supply, drive boards, prop amplifiers, touch screens, servo boards, program terminals, pumps, logic boards, drivers, power supplies, servos, and displays.

AC Servo Motors

AC Servo Motors are AC motors that house encoders that are used with controllers to provide feedback and closed-loop control. AC servo motors can be positioned and controlled to a high degree of accuracy. ATS’ ENI Labs can repair part numbers SE-B4.090.030-00.000 and SE-C4.170.030-00.000

Circuit Boards

ENI Labs has the facilities to repair the following circuit board part numbers: 811405080, 0 811 405 076, 0 811 405 103, 0 811 405 110, and 0 811 405 160. Controllers with part number 7229789 and displays with part number 1070074076-204.


We can repair drives with the following part numbers: D-6120, KM 2200-T, and SM5/10-TC1.


PLC stands for a programmable logic controller. As the name suggests, this piece of equipment is an industrial computer that controls manufacturing processes such as machines, assembly lines, robotic devices, or other processes that require reliability, process fault diagnosis, and ease of programming. We service Bosch part number 1070077551-103.

Servo Drives

A servo drive is an amplifier frequently used in powering electric servomechanisms. The main purpose of the component is to monitor feedback signals from the servomechanism and constantly adjust for fluctuation in expected behavior. ENI Labs services Bosch part numbers SM/25/50-TC1 and SM5/10-TC.

Servo Motors

A servo motor is a linear or rotary actuator designed to maintain precise control over linear or angular position, velocity, and acceleration. Our technicians can service part numbers 8981001830 and SE-LB3.033.030-00.000. Additionally, We service servo motor controls with part number D-64711.

ENI Labs: A Dependable ATS Company

Applied Technical Services is proud to provide Bosch equipment repair services through ENI Labs. ENI Labs specializes in all types of equipment repair services. Contact us today and receive a free quote for all your Bosch equipment repair services! Call us at +1 (888) 287-5227!