Countersink Gage Calibration

Applied Technical Services provides countersink gage calibrations with a controlled environmental temperature. Countersink gages are instruments that have a cone-like shape used to measure the diameter of a countersink. Before calibrations begin, these instruments are cleaned and undergo a 24-hour minimum temperature stabilization process.

Countersink gage calibration requires a precise schedule — too infrequently will lead to inaccurate measurements while too often will waste time and money. Our calibration process entails comparing it against the top and bottom master calibration blocks as well as the nominal block to ensure it measures correctly. Our expert technicians perform countersink gage calibrations at our standard lab. There is currently no accredited testing required to recalibrate a countersink gage. These methods provide a direct reading, and the dimensions are specified on client prints.

Both mechanical and digital countersink gages see regular use, but the mechanical version remains most common.

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