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Pin Gage/Plug Gage Calibrations

Applied Technical Services’ calibrations department offers pin gage/plug gage calibrations.  Pin gages/Plug Gages are a simple precision measurement tool that is very effective in measuring a hole diameter to a high degree of accuracy. To ensure the quality of your gages, they should be scheduled regularly for calibration services. ATS can calibrate pin gages/plug gages up to 12 inches in diameter. Our department is also capable of calibrating other gages including go/no go, ring, plug, and thread.

We service a variety of manufacturers including:
Calibrations Standards Lab

Applied Technical Services’ Calibration Standards Lab can conduct calibrations of your test and measurement equipment in our environmentally controlled laboratories. Our lab is controlled to 68-degree F within a span of +/-1.0° F and humidity controlled at 30-55% R.H. To reduce any vibration effects, the lab also has isolation joints in the flooring.

For in-house calibration orders, ATS will meet or exceed a 5 to 7 day turnaround. In addition, we can offer a one stop shop for your equipment calibration needs due to our diverse capabilities and our network of quality approved vendors. Applied Technical Services also provides a web-based interface, iPortal, for your convenience. Through this tool, you can gain access to electronic copies of calibration certifications, current equipment status, history of service and due date reports for your equipment.

All calibrations performed:
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Applied Technical Services has been providing services for over 50 years to a variety of industries. Since our founding we have developed an excellent reputation for our high-quality consulting engineering, testing, and inspections services. ATS maintains an ISO 9001 registered Quality System that certifies our commitment to providing high quality services. This system allows us to implement our quality policy and its improvement through measurable goals.

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