Pressure Gauges Distribution and Calibration
Pressure Gauges Distribution and Calibration

ATS offers a broad range of high-quality pressure gauges to our clients from our validated manufacturers. These gauges can also be calibrated in our accredited labs, which are available for most measuring, gauging, and inspection services in verifying the accuracy of reporting necessary for process efficiency.

ATS Offers Services the following Pressure Gauge Manufacturers:

Our Calibration Services

Established in 1987, the Calibrations department of ATS provides a directory of full-service calibrations within a dozen disciplines. Calibration services, whether in-lab or on-site, are vital in maintaining essential performance specifications. Our Calibration Labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard to demonstrate the competency of our personnel in testing and calibrations.

Our Calibrations team can calibrate most Electronic off-the-shelf inspection and testing instrumentation. Measuring your equipment in comparison to a known industry reference standard ensures the appropriate methods are being conducted throughout followed metrology processes.

Our experts regularly calibrate Electronic metrology equipment, including:

Hand Tool Calibrations

The testing of common measurement hand tools in an environmentally-controlled lab is necessary to guarantee specific tolerances are met when operating under such conditions. Equipment such as indicator testers, length scales, micrometers, plastometers, and protractors are hand tools consistently inspected and calibrated by our Calibrations team.

Torque Calibrations

Torque Calibration services are vital throughout the lifespan of such equipment, guaranteeing precision and accuracy reported throughout reported measurements. Our Calibration labs are equipped with torque analyzers and transducers to verify the accuracy of your equipment.

Torque equipment regularly calibrated by our experts include:

Applied Technical Services - Our Services

Established in 1967, Applied Technical Services has maintained a legacy of services for several professions throughout a wide range of industries. Utilizing the finest field and laboratory equipment, our services can meet standard specifications or specialized client needs. Our services meet the requirements of standards including ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA), ISO 9001, ASME, and Nadcap.Customer service excellence is achieved by providing:

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