Spring Tester Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers spring tester calibrations. Spring testers can assess laminated springs and detect any deformation. They also test coil springs under compression and bending loads. Manufacturers employ springs in several heavy-duty applications, including automotive, railroad, aerospace, and military products, although they see use in consumer products as well. For this reason, spring tester calibrations must take place via spring testing machines to verify that they function correctly. The most common types of springs used are compression, extension, torsion, constant force, and high rated. There are three types of Spring Testers: manual, motorized, and digital.

Typical uses for spring testing:

EPA regulation mandates that these test gauges undergo certification each year. If a test gauge fails certification, it must be inspected and calibrated to return it to proper working condition. The certification process entails simulating a backflow test, during which inspectors check over each component of the instrument.

Manual Spring Tester

The manual spring tester is one of the three types of spring testers. The manual spring tester is composed of only one column, capable of performing compression and tensile testing at forces up to 550lbf. Quality manual spring testers include features such as precision worm gear design, excellent position resolution (e.g., single rotation for 0.03’’), and adjustable gage mounting.

Motorized Spring Tester

A motorized spring tester is designed to test coil compressions and tensile springs. It tests for quality control, manufacturing, and R&D applications.

Digital Spring Tester 

The digital spring tester ensures that samples are strong enough for the strict tolerance requirements. As mentioned before, the spring tester tests high-rate, constant force, torsion, extension, and compression springs. There must be a variety of options that are designed to measure all these springs. Our ATS professionals will ensure that you receive the current requirements that match your equipment to reach the desired results.

Spring Tester Brands:

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