ICP-OES Testing

Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) testing identifies and measures the individual elements comprising sample materials. ICP analysis has numerous applications, having the ability to identify multiple elements in a sample with a single test. ICP has the capacity to analyze for individual elements in materials such as:
The ICP-OES test, also known as inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES), quantitatively measures the elemental composition of solid or liquid samples.. The analysis involves testing a liquid sample by nebulizing a portion of the solution into an argon plasma. Solid samples are first digested using an appropriate acid solution to prepare for this analysis. ICP-OES is a powerful quantitative technique.
ICP-OES is a fast elemental analysis method capable of testing large sample batches in a short period of time. With ICP-OES, Applied Technical Services can test numerous metals, such as aluminum, nickel, titanium, copper, cobalt, stainless steel, and alloy steels,. ICP-OES has the ability to detect elements at trace levels. . The general ISO 17025 accredited method that ATS performs the analysis to is ASTM E1479 which can applicable to a multitude of material types. ICP-OES has numerous applications, such as QA/QC control, contamination testing, trace element analysis, forensic analysis, and failure analysis. This method’s diverse capabilities benefit numerous industries, from environmental testing to healthcare.
ATS’ Metal Analysis Lab
The metals analysis lab at Applied Technical Services has the instrumentation to analyze almost any metal, regardless of size, form, or shape. Our knowledgeable experts have decades of combined experience and can recommend the best testing options based on individual clients’ needs. Our quality assurance program is ISO 9001 registered, and our chemistry lab is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited. We offer numerous metal testing options, including:
High-Quality Customer Service
ATS has provided high-quality testing and analysis services for over 50 years. Our dedicated customer service policies are just one of many reasons our clients chose to continue working with us. We connect clients with relevant experts who can help with their specific requests. We deliver clear, accurate, precise results as quickly as possible. Our experts remain available at any point for questions regarding testing or data.
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