Particle Size Analyzer
The Importance of Particle Size Testing Labs

Applied Technical Services offers particle size testing labs to analyze size distribution in powder and liquid samples. Our qualified chemists analyze specimens to determine their potential for use in the manufacturing processes of various industries. Our particle size testing labs utilize laser diffraction in accordance with ASTM B822, the standard test method for determining particle size via light scattering. 

What is Laser Diffraction?

Laser diffraction measures the geometrical dimensions of a particle using laser diffraction patterns. First, a laser is fired through a focusing lens at a sample powder or liquid. Next, the light waves scatter and form a pattern after hitting the focal point, where a sensor measures the light’s intensity from the pattern’s center. An algorithm then determines the size of the particles examined by the laser, allowing experts to calculate the sample’s particle size distribution. The information provided allows ATS’ chemical analysis division to determine if the formulated powders have the desired characteristics. 

The instruments at ATS are suitable for various applications and can record measurements from .02 – 2800µm. Our experts compare the acquired data to industry standards or a client’s specific requests to determine the qualifications of a sample. 

Services Offered at ATS Particle Size Testing Labs

Our particle size testing labs serve the following industries: 

Commitment to Quality

ATS is proud to provide clients with quality experiences. As an ISO 9001 registered system, we abide by internationally recognized standards to ensure our clients receive satisfactory service. Our testing experts provide clear, concise, and accurate reports to clients looking to make informed decisions with our analysis. Contact ATS today and ask about our chemical analysis services!

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