Plastic Identification Lab

Plastic Characterization and Identification at ATS' Plastic Identification Lab

The Applied Technical Services plastic identification lab analyzes plastic materials to identify their diverse chemical and physical properties that dictate many facets of their functionality, such as their chemical resistance, thermal resistance, and electrical resistance. Though most plastics are generally light weight, their degrees of flexibility and strength can vary significantly. They are utilized in a wide range of applications from kitchen appliances to children’s toys, and even for aerospace projects by NASA in outer space. It is important to identify plastics to understand how they will behave during their end use application. Applied Technical Services administers extensive polymer analysis capabilities using state-of-the-art equipment at our plastic identification lab.
About the Method

Our in-house FTIR equipment enables ATS professionals to pinpoint the exact spectral characteristics of plastics. This testing technique involves a process of comparing the spectral curve of the unknown plastic to a database of spectra. With a library of over 60,000 spectra to compare unknown spectra to, we can accurately determine the composition of plastics. Our plastic identification lab houses two FTIR spectrometers, including a micro-FTIR spectrometer with a built-in microscope. ATS’ specialized experts adhere to the ASTM E1252 Standard Practice for General Techniques for Obtaining Infrared Spectra for Qualitative Analysis, which we are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform.

Plastic Identification Lab Capabilities
ATS' Commitment to Quality

For over 50 years, ATS has worked with clients around the world in providing superior polymer and plastic identification analysis for process related needs, incoming material verification, residual by-product identification, research and development, quality control, competitive market evaluations, and other industry sectors. Our ISO 9001 certified polymer testing lab performs a broad spectrum of analyses with chemical determinations of almost any element at any concentration level.

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