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TGA DSC Analysis Lab

Applied Technical Services’ TGA DSC analysis lab offers thermal analysis services to evaluate the effect temperature has on a material’s performance. Our lab analysis provides information on the melting point, decomposition point, changes in composition, and thermal stability of various materials. Our lab professionals conduct tests in compliance with relevant industry standards and practices and work closely with clients to fulfill their objectives. We perform services promptly and update clients with clear and accurate reports throughout the service process.

What is TGA?

Thermogravimetric Analysis, or TGA, is a thermal analysis method used to evaluate a sample’s reaction and changes in mass when exposed to specific temperatures. There a several types of TGA, including:

Dynamic TGA

The mass of the sample is recorded as the temperature continuously increases.

Quasistatic TGA 

The sample is heated or cooled at various temperatures to evaluate how time and temperature affect the mass of the material.

Static TGA 

The sample is maintained at a constant temperature as the mass is measured.

TGA instruments provide information on the following.

What is DSC?

Differential Scanning Calorimetry, or DSC, measures the energy transferred to or from a material at various temperatures. There are several types of DSC, including:

Heat Flux DSC

The changes in temperature between reference material and sample are measured and compared.

Heat Flow DSC

The DSC measures the heat that enters and leaves a sample at a specific temperature.

High-Pressure DSC

High-pressure DSC instruments quickly evaluate how pressure, temperature, and time affect chemical relations.

Common Thermal Analysis Applications TGA and DSC Applications

TGA and DSC are commonly used to evaluate the relationship between heat and polymer-based products. Manufacturers use thermal testing for quality control, assessing how different materials perform when exposed to the range of temperatures in their desired applications and environments. Several industries use thermal analysis, including:

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