Toluene Testing

Toluene Testing

Applied Technical Services offers Toluene testing to help clients remain compliant with the various regulations associated with this chemical.

Characteristics and Industrial Uses of Toluene

Toluene, also commonly referred to as Methylbenzene, is a colorless liquid that has a benzene-like odor. It belongs to a family called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These naturally occurring chemicals have a high vapor pressure when they’re allowed to sit at ordinary room temperatures, and are regulated by law (particularly when used indoors) due to the potentially serious long-term health effects that they present.

Toluene is also one of the most economically significant organic solvents in use in the world today. According to a market study that was conducted by Ceresana Research and released in January of 2015, the sale of toluene all over the world equaled almost $25 billion dollars.
Potential Health Hazards
As an organic solvent, toluene is used in a wide range of situations – most commonly in things like industrial feedstock. However, toluene in particular has a significant potential to cause severe neurological harm over long periods of time, which is why Toluene testing is so important. Even short-term exposure to toluene in low to moderate levels can cause symptoms like color vision loss, hearing loss, weakness, tiredness, confusion and more.
ATS' Toluene Testing Capabilities
At Applied Technical Services, your success is always our highest priority. We offer a wide range of different toluene testing options for you to choose from depending on your needs. We utilize industry leading and state-of-the-art techniques like GC and GCMS to perform testing, providing you with the type of actionable information that you need to make the safest decisions possible for your business moving forward.

We offer toluene testing services in conjunction with a host of other options all related to VOC testing, including but not limited to activities such as:

At Applied Technical Services, we make it a point of pride that all of our toluene testing and related services can be entirely customized from ground up to meet the needs of not just your business, but of each individual application that you happen to be dealing with at any one particular time.

If you’re a decision maker in your organization and you’re in need of a high quality, trusted and industry leading toluene testing services provider that you know you can depend on above all else, please don’t delay – contact Applied Technical Services today to speak to a representative to get more information.

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