Circuit Board Repair Services

Circuit Board Repair Services

ENI Labs, an ATS company, provides circuit board repair services to clients in a wide range of industries and disciplines. We offer free evaluations and competitively priced repair services, performed by our skilled, military-trained technicians. We also offer rush service to accommodate client needs, helping to minimize downtime and keep your business operations running smoothly.
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Printed circuit boards, commonly referred to as PCBs, serve as the foundation for most electronic devices. Circuit boards can range from having a single layer to nearly 100, and the number of layers is typically determined by the complexity of the electronic device and its purpose. Circuit boards feature several different types of components, including capacitors, resistors, connectors, semiconductors, diodes, and more.
Our Circuit Board Repair Lab
Our labs are staffed by highly trained experts who possess decades of experience. Many of our technicians gained their electronic repair education through time spent in the military, including the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. All of our circuit board repair services are fully guaranteed and backed by a one-year warranty on all work performed. We are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that all reporting is detailed, accurate, and reliable. We also keep an impressive amount of inventory to allow our technicians to replace components quickly and efficiently. Our stock consists of over 20,000 electronic component part numbers in stock, including new and used parts to maximize the value of our repair services. Our advanced diagnostic equipment includes:
Other Repair Services Offered by ENI Labs at ATS

Display and Touch Screen Services
Our dedicated display and touch screen repair technicians are truly masters of their craft, applying years of experience to each repair to get your machinery operational as quickly as possible.

PanelView Repair Services
PanelView repair services are one of the many commonly requested repair services ENI Labs offers. Our experience and knowledge of PanelView systems allows us to maximize the value of these services, keeping costs competitive with a quick turnaround time.

Siemens Servo Motor Repair Services
ENI Labs specializes in Siemens servo motor repairs to meet the needs of clients in several different industries. Siemens servo motors are precise, advanced pieces of equipment that require the highest level of repair quality – something that we offer on each and every repair project.

ENI Labs at Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services continues to expand its extensive list of service offerings by acquiring reliable companies such as ENI Labs. With an excellent reputation and knowledgeable technicians that exceed even the highest quality standards, ENI Labs provides our clients around the country and world with an unparalleled level of customer service.
Quality Assurance
All ATS companies, such as ENI Labs, adhere to a rigorous quality assurance program. Our highly trained experts work hard to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction on every task, whether we’re repairing a servo motor or performing mechanical calibrations. Our quality assurance program creates service quality accountability while promoting an environment where each of our technician strives to make improvements wherever possible. ENI Labs maintains ISO 9001 certification, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our service.

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