Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab can measure electroless nickel plating thickness and conduct a wide range of coating and plating services.

What is Electroless Nickel Plating?

Electroless nickel plating applies a uniform layer of nickel-phosphorous to aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and other metals. Electroless plating provides even coating and protection, unlike the irregularities commonly seen in electroplating. Advantages include: 

Various industries use electroless nickel plating, including:

The Importance of Consistent Plating Thickness

Improper or inconsistent plating can negatively affect a plating’s performance, exposing a material to corrosive elements that can cause premature failure. It’s essential to evaluate the consistency of a coating to ensure that the application process is successful and that the coating is adequate for the desired application. The following factors can compromise the integrity of an electroless nickel plating or coating.

Applied Technical Services' Metallurgy Lab

Our full-service metallurgy lab offers failure analysis, litigation support, material identification, and other metallurgical services to clients in various industries worldwide. Our experienced staff works closely with clients to establish an objective and deliver it with courteous and professional service. Our lab professionals consist of metallurgists, chemists, and engineers with decades of combined experience in relevant applications.

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