NACE Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ISO 4624 adhesion testing to clients evaluating their protective coatings. The ISO 4624 standard for adhesion testing was developed by the International Organization for Standardization.  

ISO 4624 Adhesion Testing Explained

ISO 4624 adhesion testing is a specific pull-off procedure that evaluates the durability of protective coatings. The test is conducted by gluing a dolly to a metal surface with a protective coating and applying an external force to the dolly. Remove the coating by pulling the dolly at a perpendicular angle and assess the results. 

ATS experts evaluate the amount of force required to remove the coating and apply the acquired data to industry standards and client specifications. Adhesion testing is effective on single or multi-coat systems and is conducted in a laboratory or on-site. 

The Importance of Protective Coatings

Protective coatings help to prevent materials from corrosion and damage. They promote safety, save money, and preserve surfaces by protecting them from water, rust, UV damage, and everyday wear and tear. 

The Importance of Adhesion Testing

Adhesion tests evaluate the adhesive value of protective coatings. Our experts test protective coatings to determine their shortcomings and ideal uses in various environments. Improper coating leads to premature corrosion and expensive repairs, so it is essential to evaluate a coating’s durability via adhesion testing. ATS offers several other types of coating analysis services, including: 

Adhesion Testing


Resistance to Environmental Factors

Our Commitment to Quality

ATS has delivered reliable chemical analysis, engineering consulting, and testing services to clients since 1967. We are an ATSM and ISO-compliant company, so our services abide by international standards for various industries. Contact ATS today and ask about our coating testing services.