ATS provides precision Computed Tomography imaging and metrology services to its clients, using our 225kV micro-focus Zeiss Metrotom scanner. This instrument is optimized for high resolution and calibrated measurements.

Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging process that captures and compiles a series of X-rays to render a 3D model of objects, both inside and out. Individual projections create a cross-sectional image of the object as if it had been perfectly cut through your chosen plane of section. The process, which functions much like when a doctor takes a CAT scan of a patient’s brain to look for abnormalities, renders a highly-detailed perspective that allows for unparalleled diagnostic analysis of the object. Even the most minor of structural flaws can be measured for repair or rendered large for study. Multiple X-ray images can be arrayed to create a single, three-dimensional model for a more in-depth consideration.

Industries Serviced:
CT Allows for New Possibilities in Nondestructive Testing:

CT Benefits

These unprecedented benefits greatly improve quality control and preventative maintenance efforts by our clients, giving them more detailed and earlier insight into potential issues. Knowing that critical parts are standard-compliant down to the most minute measurements affords companies a greater confidence and peace of mind. ATS supplies that to our clients with our industry-standard CT equipment:

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