PFAS Packaging Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts PFAS packaging testing to ensure that manufacturers abide by state and federal regulations. Federal agencies such as the FDA and BPA collaborate with states to develop PFAS regulations as new concerns about the chemicals increase with new information.

What Are PFAS?

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are an extensive and ever-expanding group of artificial chemicals comprised of a chain of linked fluorine and carbon atoms. Often referred to as “forever chemicals” PFAS have proven to be resilient chemicals that do not break down easily in nature and bioaccumulate in humans and animals.

PFAS in Everyday Products

PFAS are used in various other products, including:

Food Packaging

PFAS have become a favorite for food packaging amongst manufacturers and commonly used in paper packaging, microwave popcorn bags, and take-out containers. The presence of PFAS in food packaging has raised concerns as experts worry that the questionable chemicals migrate from the food packaging into the food itself. The following test methods screen packaging for excessive use of PFAS, allowing government agencies and manufacturers to make informed decisions on PFAS’ impact on public health.

The Dangers of PFAS

PFAS have been studied more intensely in recent years due to the rise in concerns that the chemicals may negatively affect the health of consumers. While many of the potential effects of PFAS are relatively unknown, experts agree that the chemicals may cause the following health concerns in humans.

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