Siemens Servo Motor Repair Services

Danfoss Repair Services

Electrical North, is a proud ATS company that provides Danfoss repair services. ENI Labs specializes in repairing Danfoss industrial electronic components. ENI Labs technicians will evaluate damaged Danfoss equipment free of charge! We regularly repair and evaluate variable speed boards, circuit boards, AC drives, DC drives, overload controllers, frequency controllers, PCBs, shunt boards, power supplies, displays, and any other Danfoss equipment. All our repairs are supported by our industry-leading warranty to provide an affordable option in repairs rather than replacing your part.

Common Repair Items

Variable speed boards or variable speed control boards allow for step and direction control of your spindle. This board converts the step signal to analog (0-10VDC), allowing you to control the direction and power the drive. Variable speed boards are used on a variety of DC motor controllers to replace the potentiometer that regulates the speed. We regularly repair Danfoss variable speed boards.

A frequency controller or variable frequency drive (VFD) is a common piece of Danfoss equipment that our technicians regularly repair. A VFD is a variety of motor controller that manages an electric motor by alternating the voltage and frequency of its power supply. VFDs also have the capacity to control the ramp-up and down of the motor during start-up or stopping. VFDs must be vigilantly repaired due to their importance during service. A well-functioning VFD can improve system efficiency and save energy.

ENI Labs: An ATS Company

Electrical North Inc. is a proud Applied Technical Services company that provides equipment repairs and inspections. ATS companies are global leaders in various industries, including defense and military, aerospace, nuclear, construction, manufacturing, power generation, automotive, and more. Applied Technical Services strives to provide our clients with unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today and receive a free quote for your Danfoss repair services.