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3D Scanning Reverse Engineering

Applied Technical Services provides 3D scanning reverse engineering services for clients needing 3D models of their part. Our metrology department comes equipped with the latest scanning technology to create 3D CAD models. ATS technicians utilize the most accurate scanning devices to gather a point cloud containing millions of data points for our team to create a 3D model.

ATS Scanning Services

Our team of qualified professionals routinely performs 3D scanning reverse engineering. We employ a large array of scanning devices to conduct part scanning. One of these devices is a FARO Quantum Max laser line scanner. This device offers highly accurate and rapid scanning due to its interchangeable LLPs (laser line probes). The laser scanner can easily tackle large and cumbersome parts as well as small, intricate parts. The FARO arm’s portability gives it an edge over conventional CT scanning for clients requiring on-site scanning. Additionally, we employ the following cutting-edge devices to perform CT scanning:

ATS has full capabilities to reverse engineer parts for a multitude of industries including, medical, aerospace, commercial, and more.

Why Choose ATS?

Applied Technical Services has offered world-class inspections, testing, and engineering consulting for more than 50 years. Our Quality Assurance program accredited by ISO 9001 ensures our employees provide the highest level of service possible. We promise meticulous reporting with rapid return times. If you are looking for 3D scanning reverse engineering, contact us today to request a free quote. At Applied Technical Services, We Take a Closer Look!

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