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FARO Arm Laser Scanner

Applied Technical Services utilizes a FARO arm laser scanner to provide high-quality CMM services. ATS is renowned as one of the leaders in 3rd party dimensional inspections. We are proud to announce that ATS has partnered with FARO to become a distributor of their latest Quantum Max 3.0m arm.

The FARO Quantum Max 3.0

This FARO Quantum Max laser arm offers greater versatility and efficiency than the previous models. Dual kinematic seats allow for easily interchangeable LLPs. This FARO arm laser scanner comes equipped with three easily hot-swappable LLPs (Laser Line Probe) for increased versatility. These additional LLPs offer up to 30% more efficiency and productivity. The three Quantum Max LLPs include the FAROBlu xR, xP, and xS. The xR is ideal for highly precise scanning of intricate and small parts. The xS LLP is best suited for extensive surface areas where high data collection speed is necessary. Finally, the xP offers a balance between the xR and the xS by offering high-speed and precise scanning. Each LLP offers a unique tool with specialized benefits during a job. The FARO Quantum Max is a highly portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) that ATS technicians regularly utilize when performing on-site CMM services.

ATS On-Site CMM Services

ATS offers a litany of metrology services ranging from operation to software training. If your facility does not have dimensional inspection personnel trained to operate a CMM, we can deploy a knowledgeable operator. Our technicians can train your personnel in the basics of CMM operation such as:

Quality Assured
Applied Technical Services has offered inspections, testing, and engineering consulting for more than 50 years. ATS metrologists have decades of experience in third-party dimensional inspection services in fields such as automotive, aerospace, commercial construction, and medical. Our team performs all dimensional inspections per ASME Y14.5M – 2009 guidelines. The dimensional inspection lab at Applied Technical Services is certified through ISO 9001 and accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Contact ATS today to request a free quote regarding your FARO arm laser scanner needs. We Take a Closer Look!

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