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Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC (DRH) is an entrusted roof and building envelope consulting service company that advises clients in optimal roof life, preventable disasters, reduction in operating expenses, and energy savings. Our thorough course of action combines routine roof inspections, preventative maintenance and roof management plans, protocol development and detailed written scopes of work to allow for competitive bidding or replacement, recovery, and/or repair and maintenance needs. In addition, we provide contractor selection and bidding assistance in qualifying the best contractors for the work required at a competitive cost for all well-defined projects.

Assessing the condition to prevent failure, and to extend the effectiveness of an in-service and aging roof system are crucial for planning expenditures, avoiding disruptions to productivity within the structure, and/or making safety enhancements, to employ an overall comprehensive strategy. It is imperative in new construction that competent design, superior materials and adequate installation are used to avoid unforeseen expenses, rising operating costs, and/or construction problems. It is vital during a new construction project, from start through completion, that our client’s interests are served by proper design, development and management with an emphasis on quality assurance on all roofing consulting assignments.

Roof and Building Exterior Water Entry and Failure Analysis
Roof Condition Analysis and Repair or Replacement Scope Development
Roof Design and Design Review
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