Drone and Camera Inspection Group

ATS uses aerial and submersible drones for safe, efficient inspections

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Drone Roof Inspection
ATS uses specialized UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to inspect a variety of structures and equipment. Our licensed technicians and professional engineers use drones with high resolution visual light and thermal imaging, as well as precision GPS systems for outdoor inspections. We also use drones equipped with LIDAR for inspecting dark, unreachable places, and defect scanning software for measuring surface flaws. Small, collision resistant drones can fit in tight spaces inaccessible to personnel.
Common Applications Include:
Point of view from an ROV inside a water tank
Our submersible ROVs (remote operated vehicles) eliminate the need for divers, thereby increasing safety wile decreasing costs. Our team professionals include API inspectors, ASNT certified NDT professionals, and professional engineers. The ROVs are equipped with 4K HD cameras and are compact enough to fit in small openings. Our experts conduct ROV inspections in compliance with several standards, including API NFPA and AWWA.
Common Applications Include: