Appliance Testing

appliance testing

Applied Technical Services offers appliance testing for a broad spectrum of products lines.  Manufacturers, retailers, and importers partner with ATS for assistance in meeting consumer confidence through quality, performance, safety and regulatory standards.  ATS’ lab is able to deliver product benchmark data ranging from performance levels to deficiencies in design.  ATS helps clients get their product to market with a competitive advantage and seamless effort with vetted testing and accurate reporting.  In addition to appliance testing for goods in development, we can resolve unexpected problems in existing life cycle product lines quickly and efficiently which allows our clients to fix any inherent issues.

ATS’ experienced engineers and technicians utilize resources and methods to test the functional properties of common product/product parts such as insulators, conductors, coatings, connectors, circuit breakers, actuators, batteries, cables, electrical tapes, lights, instrumentation, motors, photovoltaic systems, oils, switches, transformers, wires, and other electrical and electronic components to determine the operational viability.

Appliance Testing Performance Evaluation

For performance evaluation, ATS can design and tailor appliance testing with an assortment of complete and integrated tools.  Our qualification testing examines and measures safety, durability, consistency, longevity, and when needed, determine cause of failures.

Failure Analysis

Our electrical professionals are capable of determining the root cause of electrical/electronic failures utilizing our lab to simulate, predict and analyze appliance testing failures.

Since our founding, ATS has set a standard of dedication and excellence in the disciplines of engineering, testing, and inspections.  Our various client partnerships span nationally and internationally allowing for broad industry appeal.  ATS maintains proven procedural practices developed through years of experience, delivering quality services that have distinguished us among our clients.  ATS is at the forefront with our labs that retain ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation, along with our quality assurance standards that meet the most stringent industry requirements to benefit our clients.

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