Circuit Breaker Testing

electrical testing to ensure safe and reliable operation

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs Circuit Breaker Testing for clients looking to ensure the safe and reliable operation of their electrical networks. Circuit breakers are responsible for conducting electrical currents and disconnecting possible faults, but they are prone to error due to damage or wear and should be tested routinely. ATS tests circuit breakers by triggering them to verify that they break at a certain current while measuring the micro-ohm resistance across closed panels. Our tests provide a cost-effective means of preventing dangerous circuit failures that can cause fault currents to damage expensive electrical equipment.

Testing Capabilities

ATS conducts Circuit Breaker Testing in its ISO 9001 Certified Electrical Laboratories, which are operated by skilled lab personnel with the expertise and up-to-date technology needed to deliver accurate test results. Our testing methods can determine a circuit unit’s consistency, durability, or probability of failure, and our procedures are performed in accordance with the manufacturers’ standards.

We adhere to many popular testing standards, including:

  • ASTM
  • ANSI
  • IEC

Additional Performance Applications Include:

Applied Technical Services – A Reliable Testing Provider

Since 1967, ATS has expanded to serve clients across both national and global markets, developing an excellent reputation for successfully uncovering facts in Metallurgy, Calibration Services, Materials Testing, Consulting Engineering, Nondestructive Testing, and Forensic Investigations. ATS serves clients in a variety of industries, including those in the fields of construction, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, renewable energy, and power generation.

ATS Labs and Lab Experts Deliver Quality Assurance
ATS always seeks to both improve the high quality of our services and satisfy the various recognized standards relevant to the industries we serve. We employ a range of highly-trained, certified experts — including Professional Engineers of several disciplines, scientists, chemists, metallurgists, investigators, and technicians — who possess considerable experience in conducting quality tests and inspections. Our numerous accreditations and certifications include ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001-2015, Nadcap, recognition as an FAA Repair Station, and many more.

ATS is committed to the following policies:

  • Employ Qualified and Engaged Employees
  • Conduct Testing and Inspections in Accordance with Applicable Standards
  • Provide Clear and Accurate Data
  • Deliver All Professional Services in A Timely Manner

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