Consumer Electronics Testing

consumer electronics testing

Applied Technical Services provides consumer electronics testing covering an expansive range of products and components for manufacturers, retailers, and importers.  ATS partners with our clients to help meet consumer expectations, including all safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards. As a compliance and consumer electronics testing partner, we support our clients in establishing an acceptable testing and certification program.  Our full-service electrical analysis and forensics laboratory aid in testing electrical products before being introduced to market, as well as resolving unanticipated and persistent issues in existing product lines in a timely and efficient manner.

Our engineers and technicians have the capability to inspect consumer electronics testing properties of common products such as actuators, batteries, cables, circuit breakers, coatings, conductors, connectors, electrical tapes, instrumentation, insulators, lights, motors, photovoltaic systems, oils, switches, transformers, wires and other electrical and electronic components, determining the causes of failures and affirming the integrity of working products.

Performance Evaluation

Our performance evaluation experts can design and customize consumer electronics testing programs utilizing and implementing comprehensive tools. ATS offers qualification testing that measures consistency, longevity, safety, and durability, and when needed determine the cause of failures.

Failure Analysis

ATS’ electrical experts can help determine the root cause of electrical and electronic failures. Our certified labs are equipped with technically advanced equipment that provide simulations and analytics which allows us to properly evaluate the consumer electronics testing we perform.

For over 50 years, ATS has provided exemplary testing, inspection and engineering services. We partner with clients from numerous industries that operate throughout the United States and around the globe. Our certified experts are exceedingly knowledgeable and proficient with existing compliance regulations. ATS’ state-of-the-art lab is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited (A2LA), and our quality assurance plan meets the most rigorous industry requirements to deliver accurate results for our clients.

Common Consumer Products Testing Standards:
  • ANSI
  • ASTM
  • IEC
  • IEEE
  • NEC
  • NEMA

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