Polarization Index Testing

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Applied Technical Services offers Polarization Index Testing for clients looking to evaluate the fitness of motors by identifying potential issues such as insulation deterioration and moisture. The Polarization Index (PI) provides an indication for the level of dirt or moisture buildup. Technicians determine the value by calculating the level of winding (electrical) insulation resistance, a factor upon which the life and reliability of a motor are highly dependent.

Field technicians test insulation resistance by using a power-driven megohmmeter to direct an electrical current between the winding and the ground. They record an initial resistance reading after applying the test voltage for one minute. When they take a second reading after 10 minutes of constantly applied voltage, a ratio is determined to calculate the PI Index. Once the technicians obtain a number for the index, the test will indicate whether the windings of the motor have impurities that negatively affect their condition. ATS’ PI Testing is an important tool in ensuring that motors and generators are well-maintained to prolong their lifespans and avoid expensive repairs.

Testing Capabilities
ATS conducts Polarization Index Testing within its Electrical Division. This group employs certified personnel who use up-to-date technology to deliver accurate results. ATS Electrical Testing performs all PI testing procedures in accordance with the IEEE Standard 43-2000.
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ATS continuously dedicates itself to providing our customers with the highest quality services; this is why our Quality System complies with the recognized system standards for the various industries we serve. We employ a range of certified experts — including Professional Engineers of several disciplines, scientists, chemists, metallurgists, investigators, and well-trained technicians. Our accreditations and certifications include ISO 9001-2015, Nadcap, recognition as an FAA Repair Station, and many more.

ATS is committed to the following policies:

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