Surface and Volume Resistivity — DC Resistance ASTM D257 Testing

Multimeter Our Technicians Use to Measure Surface or Volume Resistivity
Effects of Surface Volume and Resistivity on Electronic Products
Applied Technical Services’ electrical testing lab performs surface and volume resistivity testing to ASTM D257 for clients who need to ensure the efficacy of their insulating materials. Electrical systems depend on both conductors and insulators working as intended to deliver the required charge. The most straightforward method of assessing whether their components or materials display the appropriate resistance is to test them for compliance with the product’s design specifications. ATS performs resistivity testing according to ASTM D257 to verify that their sample material displays electrical resistance appropriate to its intended use.
ASTM D257 and Other Electrical Testing Capabilities
Depending on the material sample’s thickness, surface resistance or volume resistance may prove the operative consideration. As its name implies, surface resistivity is the measure of resistance exhibited along the material’s surface when exposed to current. Surface resistivity applies to thin materials like films and sheets because they conduct current transverse to their surface. Alternatively, thicker materials exhibit volume resistance because they conduct current throughout the entirety of their material, which increases their resistivity compared to thin materials. ASTM D257 allows our electrical testing technicians to determine either value as relevant to client needs using a multimeter with surface probes. Their expertise in performing this method allows them to produce clear, accurate, and detailed results within a quick turnaround window.
These experts also perform the following types of electrical testing:
About ATS
Applied Technical Services has always sought to broaden our scope of expertise, intent on better meeting the needs of our clients since our founding in 1967. Our 50+ years in business have allowed us to thrive; where once ATS comprised three engineers partnering with local businesses out of the confines of their shared office in our founder’s basement, we now constitute over 1,000 professionals of various disciplines working out of dozens of locations across the country to serve clients operating in countries around the world. We perform all electronic testing services, including all ASTM D257 testing in compliance with our ISO 9001-certified quality management system to hold ourselves accountable for providing clients with the best possible service every time.
A wide range of properties can affect the quality of an electrical product — properties that manufacturers and parts suppliers must verify to ensure their product’s success. Contact ATS today regarding electrical testing, whether your company needs surface resistivity, volume resistivity, or another method altogether. We offer free quotes, so allow us to take a closer look at your sample.

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