VFD Failure Analysis

vfd failure analysis

Variable frequency drive (VFD) is a specific type of controller that runs an electric motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage.  VFD failure analysis determines the root cause of malfunctions on varying motor controllers.  Applied Technical Services’ knowledgeable engineers and technicians are capable of testing VFDs for electrical, chemical, mechanical, and thermal failures of modes.  ATS can perform VFD failure analysis during the research and development stage, as well as for existing product lines that may have encountered reliability issues.  ATS detects quality issues from production oversights to defective components, collecting accurate data and providing conclusive results.

Common ATS testing methods for VFD failure analysis are accelerated life testing, reliability demonstration testing, accelerated stress testing, and on-going reliability testing.  When a failure occurs during testing, root cause analysis is conducted to determine whether the failure was random or due to variations in the product or one of the components.  The goal is to determine whether the VDF failure was normal or defective, and the circumstances that caused the stress that led to the breakdown.

ATS’ multifaceted approach to VFD failure analysis incorporates reliability testing and inspections. We utilize the testing technologies within our labs for efficient analysis under our quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified to meet our clients’ needs. Our efforts to consolidate our findings and recommendations allow us to provide detailed information, results and failure prevention measures as an economical and forward solution for our clientele.

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