Applied Technical Services’ ENI Labs offers free evaluations for fairly priced encoder repair services.

What is an Encoder?

Encoders are sensing devices that provide feedback to control systems. A control device reads the electrical signals from the encoder, which sends back a message detailing the motor’s position, direction, and speed.

Types of Encoders

We conduct repairs for many different types of encoders, including:

Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are electromechanical devices that convert a rotary shaft’s motion and angular position into digital or analog outputs. The advantages of rotary encoders include the following:

Linear Encoders

Linear encoders measure the motion of objects along a straight line and offer several advantages, including:

Optical Encoders

Optical Encoders consist of a light source and a rotating disk with alternating translucent spots and opaque lines. Optical encoders have many advantages, including:

Common Encoder Issues
Encoder Manufacturers
ENI Labs: A Member of the ATS Family

ENI Labs has joined the Applied Technical Services family to continue our legacy of quality testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services. ATS companies offer services to various industries across the globe, and we are all committed to providing fair prices, prompt service, and satisfactory service to our clients. Our qualified technicians conduct repairs for nearly every brand and type of encoder. Call +1 (888) 287-5227 and ask about encoder repair services.  

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