A man rigged to a safety rope rappels over an industrial building porch. He uses a hose to spray the porch. He wears a yellow hard hat and uses safety tools to show he provides building envelope consulting services.

Building Envelope Consulting Services

ATS provides building envelope consulting services to building owners and managers concerned about water infiltration of a building’s exterior. The building envelope protects the building occupants from the elements, especially moisture. When water broaches a building’s envelope or building enclosure, it can spread to load-bearing beams and walls. Water damage can cost millions in repairs, slow production, and even lead to respiratory problems in your employees if mold develops.

ATS Services
ATS building envelope consultants work with you to inspect your building and determine the next steps. Our professional engineers will evaluate your site for three major vulnerabilities to the building’s exterior: façade damage, roof damage, and water infiltration.

Our experts perform ground and interior observations of your building, then get a closer look at the damage through rappelling or staging the side of the building. Inspectors detect leaks and damage to a variety of cladding materials, including glass, metal, granite, curtain wall, and precast concrete panels. We offer further inspection of the roof and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Our engineers evaluate the building envelope for water infiltration with multiple tests and measurements. After detecting the source of vulnerabilities to your building envelope, our engineers can help you design a plan for repairs and replacements to seal your building against the elements for years.

About ATS

ATS is an engineering consulting company dedicated to providing our customers with detailed reports on inspections and laboratory testing. We value strong customer service with a quick turnaround time so our clients can make informed decisions without long wait times.

ATS services a variety of fields, including the construction and power industries. Our educated and highly trained professionals use a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate your site and offer their consultation services in your time of need.
Labs and Experts
Our evaluations of the building façade and roof involve multiple stages:

If a leak is not obvious during a visual inspection, we use infrared to examine the building for places of heat loss. Our engineers may also take measurements of conductivity.

To evaluate the location and severity of water infiltration, we also perform a variety of tests on the building façade, windows, and skylights, including:
Our water spray tests follow official standards and guidelines for assessing the water resistance of a building’s exterior:

If the investigation requires further testing, we can take samples to our ISO/IEC 17025:2017(A2LA) accredited labs for nondestructive or mechanical testing. Furthermore, we offer environmental testing services to simulate accelerated weathering on metals to predict how your building materials hold up to corrosion.

For a full list of our accreditations, click here.

Quality Assurance

ATS delivers high-quality service at your convenience. Do not wait for a compromised building envelope to endanger your building. If you suspect a vulnerability in your building’s exterior, call +1 (888) 287-5227 for a building envelope consult today.

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