A yellow thermal imaging camera performs building envelope testing on a multi-story building. The camera shows the temperatures of parts of the building using different colors. Most of the building is red, but the second floor is green, indicating a significant drop in temperature that needs to be fixed.

Building Envelope Testing

Building envelope testing looks for deterioration and leaks in a building enclosure. The building envelope (or building enclosure) refers to the parts of a building exposed to the elements, such as the outer walls, windows, doors, and roof. From severe storms to UV rays, the building envelope takes the brunt of weathering.

Damage to the outside of your building is not only an aesthetic concern. If a building is not sealed tightly, a moisture leak can develop into a mold and rot problem that undermines the structural integrity of the building. Air leaks can lead to employee discomfort and a decrease in energy efficiency when warm or cool air escapes the building.

If you suspect your commercial building has a leak, hire a professional inspector to perform building envelope testing.

Our Façade and Roof Testing Services
Building envelope testing allows an ATS engineer to pinpoint the exact location of an air or water leak and develop a plan for regular maintenance and repair. To detect vulnerabilities in the building enclosure, ATS performs three types of building envelope tests: façade, roof, and water.
Façade Testing evaluates the external walls, windows, and cladding for damage, such as:
We evaluate the following types of cladding:

To perform a façade evaluation, our engineers observe the building’s exterior and interior for noticeable vulnerabilities. A non-obvious source of air or water leakage may require a closer look. Using our safety rope access technology, we can rappel or stage the side of the building to examine hard-to-reach areas. We can also use rope access services to inspect the roof. Rooves are especially prone to weathering.

When clients need noninvasive and nondestructive testing, our engineers use infrared imaging. Otherwise known as thermal imaging and infrared thermography (IRT), infrared imaging detects areas of heat loss in a building. For instance, a sudden drop in temperature can indicate a water leak or a low-insulation area.

Our engineers can also take measurements of the materials used in the building envelope. For instance, we can measure conductivity and dielectric properties of materials in the building façade.
Our Water Infiltration Testing Services
Liquid penetration, such as rainwater entering a leaky roof, is a common threat to a building. To monitor various methods and conditions of liquid entry, ATS can perform a combination of several tests and examinations, such as:

Our abbreviated spray testing uses source-specific liquids to simulate the conditions the building encounters, such as saltwater corrosion in a beachside setting. We measure surface water flow, drainage, and moisture to analyze how water impacts the materials and design of your building. Finally, augering and excavating subsurface walls and foundations helps us determine how deep the water damage goes if we suspect water has penetrated the building’s surface.

ATS & Family Companies

Founded in Atlanta in 1967, ATS provides four core services: consulting engineering, inspections, testing, and calibrations. We serve various industries using scientific research, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and construction. Our growing family of companies provides high-quality fact-finding research across the U.S.

To offer the best service possible, we pursue domestic recognition by federal and local organizations as a quality provider of testing and inspection services that follow industry standards and regulations. Our labs are A2LA accredited in mechanical, chemical, and nondestructive testing. ATS also meets ISO 9001 quality standards for our quality management system.

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Labs & Testing Capability
ATS usually performs building envelope testing on-site, but we can take samples to our A2LA accredited labs for further testing. After testing, we provide detailed documentation of your building’s condition and areas of potential concern. We can help you create a long-term and short-term plan for repairs and maintenance.
Our water spray tests comply with ASTM standard E1105 and AAMA standard 501.2-03. The ASTM E1105 tests the air and water pressure resistance of curtain walls, windows, doors, and skylights. The AAMA 501.2-03 applies to storefront windows on the lowest floor.
Quality Assurance

If you need a company that follows federal regulations and best practices when inspecting and testing your building envelope, contact ATS today. Call +1 (888) 287-5227 to schedule building envelope testing with an ATS professional.

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