An inspector from a building inspection company examines the damaged cladding of a residence.

Building Inspection Company

If you need a building inspection company for a property assessment of your commercial building, look no further than ATS. During most building inspections, the building inspector assesses the property’s interior and exterior for damage and potential issues. This search includes building components, including walls and the foundation, along with the HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical systems.

ATS takes a closer look. Our in-depth and nondestructive inspections can locate moisture, structural damage, and safety hazards. Along with the typical inspection process, we can also determine if your building is up to code and following zoning laws.

Building Inspections with ATS
When we receive an inspection request, we can send a response team consisting of licensed engineers with mechanical, structural, and civil engineering degrees. Our professional engineers are familiar with commercial properties such as:
We also offer unit walk-throughs for smaller sites.
Our Building Inspection Services
Our inspectors typically provide a full-service property assessment of your location. At your request, we can customize our services to the following:
ATS building inspectors understand that when it comes to safety, nothing is too small a risk. Even something as simple as poor indoor air quality can lead to occupant sickness and wood rot when undetected and untreated.
We also consider your building from legal and regulatory standpoints. Our engineers can provide consultations and assessments for standard and zoning compliance:
Additionally, we can support your capital planning as your business develops and expands.
When Do You Need a Building Inspection?

Building inspections identify damage and potential hazards in a property. The inspections also highlight areas of your building that do not meet building codes or standards set by OSHA, the ADA, and the EPA.

Clients may request the services of a building inspection company in the following circumstances:

Above all, building inspections promote safety by identifying hazards the building owner must resolve. After a building inspection, property owners and other clients can choose to hire a contractor to address the concerns.
About the ATS Family
We are a consulting engineering firm with testing, inspection, calibration, and consulting engineering capabilities. Our clients work in a range of industries, from aerospace to manufacturing to commercial property construction.
Since our founding in Atlanta in 1967, we have built a reputation for prompt service and detailed reports from our professionals. We meet quality management system (QMS) requirements for the ISO 9001:2015 standard. For more information on our achievements and certifications, click here.
To reach new clients nationally and internationally, we have built a family of companies with many locations across the U.S. Our combined capabilities and experience make the ATS family uniquely qualified to support our clients.
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Structural failure can lead to catastrophic damages and costs. Let us protect your building by taking a closer look.

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