A man measures a gap in a concrete slab during a commercial structural engineer inspection.

Commercial Structural Engineer Inspection

If you suspect damage to your building, a commercial structural engineer inspection can help identify the source and scope of the issue and instruct your next steps. A structural engineer inspects specific areas of the building to assess its structural soundness. Clients may hire a structural engineer for a commercial inspection in the following circumstances:
After the inspection, clients may use the engineer’s discoveries to make repair plans. A structural inspection may also expedite building refinancing or purchase.
The Scope of the Inspection

A structural engineer will usually limit their visual inspection to the roof or foundation unless the client requests a full structural investigation. The client may also point out other areas of concern for the structural engineer to incorporate into their investigation. Upon request, an ATS engineer can expand their study of the building to include internal and external walls, load-bearing beams, and architectural finishes.

Settlement Inspection
The engineer will look for signs of foundation settling and shifting. While buildings naturally settle with age, significant changes to the floors, walls, and roof can indicate structural defects or foundation issues. The foundation may shift when its materials, such as a concrete slab or bricks, shrink and expand in response to aging, changes in temperature, and exposure to moisture.
Common signs of foundation shifting include:
Water Damage Inspection
Water infiltration is a major concern to a building’s structural integrity. Rain and floodwater can seep through the roof, walls, and foundation and cause extensive damage. Additionally, a building on a lot with drainage issues may collect water that can freeze in the winter and melt in warm temperatures, jeopardizing load-bearing materials in the structure.

Our structural engineers look for signs of water damage:

Load Evaluations
During the commercial inspection, an ATS structural engineer may take material samples for testing in our A2LA accredited labs, perform a structural analysis, and calculate the building’s ability to withstand its structural load.
Floor and roof load evaluations account for the weight of the building, its materials, and its contents. Before a building owner breaks ground on an addition to the building, they need a structural engineer to calculate the floor and roof loads compatible with the extension or new story. ATS’ structural engineers have an intimate understanding of material properties and maximum loads that impact the construction materials and design of any additions to the building.
What is in a Structural Engineer’s Report?

After the inspection, an ATS structural engineer will summarize their observations of visible damage and potential areas of concern in an official report. This report includes the location, scope, and measurements of damages found during the inspection.

The report also contains the engineer’s expert opinion on the underlying cause of the damages, such as a foundation shift, defective construction materials, or water damage. Finally, the report addresses immediate action items and recommended repairs.

The commercial structural engineer inspection and report should leave the client with a thorough understanding of the state of the property, potential damages, their underlying causes, and a clear repair plan.

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