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Applied Technical Services (ATS) is an engineering, testing and inspection firm providing structural engineering evaluation services to satisfy Municipal Code of Chicago requirements. Chicago Code requires periodic inspections of exposed metal and wood structures to ensure safeguards for the general public. Inspections are carried out by a licensed Structural Engineer (S.E.) meeting Code requirements and accepted engineering practice.

These required inspections of exposed metal and wood structures include; tanks, signs, antennae, canopies, marquees, fire escapes, flagpoles, metal cornices, smoke stacks, permanently installed scaffolding, and other structures and equipment permanently mounted or installed on the exterior of a building. This includes supports such as; anchors, guides, tracks, mounting brackets and other mounting hardware.

Our Engineers are experienced, hands-on professionals with capabilities in damage assessment evaluation, and when compromised structures are identified, we will design cost effective repairs.

At ATS our goal is to apply efficient and practical approaches to inspecting and testing the exposed metal structures so the public is safe and Code requirements are satisfied. We deliver the highest level of safety, quality and customer service, ensuring every structural evaluation project results in a practical solution for our clients.

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