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Applied Technical Services (ATS) is an established consulting engineering company providing fall protection equipment inspection, evaluation, and certification services used in commercial real estate and/or industrial facility structures. ATS performs fall protection equipment inspection services that meet OSHA regulations- and ANSI-standard  guidelines for compliant fall protection systems. Our licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) are thoroughly qualified to oversee and provide a stamp of approval for fall protection system projects.

Accessing commercial buildings and industrial facilities to perform maintenance and repairs represents the leading cause of workplace fall injuries and deaths in the United States. Our fall protection system inspection services help clients both maintain compliance with applicable safety regulations and standards and to establish the safest possible working conditions for their employees or contractors.

Inspection Standards
ATS provides inspection and certification for a wide range of fall protection systems, such as active fall protection systems, roof anchors and anchor points, guardrail systems, horizontal lifelines, and more. A variety of safety standards and regulations apply to the inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment. For instance, ANSI standards require that re-certification be completed at least every five years for active fall protection systems such as rooftop anchor points.

Additionally, ATS can inspect all fall protection systems in accordance with numerous industry standards, including:

Specific Industry Standard References
Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Applications
Qualified Fall Protection Inspectors

Our highly trained and qualified engineers provide inspection and certification, verifying that our customers’ fall protection systems follow all standards and regulations to ensure the highest degree of protection for users. If your building or facility property needs fall protection equipment inspection services, contact Applied Technical Service today to discuss your project with a fall protection expert.

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