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Indoor Air Quality Assessment

If you believe indoor and outdoor conditions have endangered your employees, seek professional help with an indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment.

Poor indoor air quality can damage the health of your workers and cost millions in repairs, draining valuable resources from your business. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between a low filtration rate and decreased employee alertness and performance. Short-term and long-term health effects range from headaches and allergies to increased risk and intensity of lung cancer.

Other complications from exposure to indoor pollution can involve:
Left unchecked, natural causes of indoor air quality problems can spread and cause property damage. When people can trace their symptoms to a specific location, they have building-related illnesses and may have grounds for legal action.

A decrease in indoor air quality can be due to outdoor environmental factors, such as nearby construction, heavy traffic, or local fires. The outdoor air can enter the building through open doors and windows, cracks in the building envelope, and an ill-fitting or improperly maintained heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. Problems with the HVAC system inhibit the filtration of mold, dust, asbestos, and harmful bacteria inside the building.

Indoor air quality assessments determine the presence of harmful contamination and irritants in the workplace. An IAQ assessment consists of a baseline survey of building occupants and an evaluation of common complaints.
Testing Capability
Applied Technical Services provides IAQs by professionals who specialize in air quality testing and HVAC evaluation.

A baseline survey identifies the complaints and concerns of building occupants for both indoor sources, such as renovations, water damage, and cleaning materials, and outdoor sources, including heavy motor vehicle traffic and industrial stacks.

ATS pursues common complaints by taking air and bulk samples and testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC), mold, bacteria, etc. Additionally, we offer HVAC evaluation for major parameters: thermostat operation, airflow, and variable-air-volume terminal performance.

To prevent future issues, schedule an indoor air quality test with ATS:
If the building is currently occupied, call for an IAQ assessment after:
About ATS
ATS has built a reputation for high-quality calibration, engineering, inspecting, and testing services. We employ experienced professionals knowledgeable about industry standards and regulations for accurate and comprehensive analysis. Since our founding in 1967, ATS has expanded from its metro Atlanta origins to worldwide service and partnerships with industry, business, and legal clients to fuel new studies and research.
ATS Lab and Experts
Our seasoned professionals will work to meet federal, state, and local indoor air quality regulations. ATS follows OSHA guidelines and regulations to meet quality standards:
Additionally, our licensed professionals can develop a response procedure to address indoor air quality problems not limited to:

Structural engineering and structural integrity analysis professionals can assess the property for damage and make repairs to the building envelope where applicable.

ATS provides pre-occupancy services:

In the event of damage, call ATS for:
ATS Quality Assurance
We strive to provide the highest standard of performance for our customers. As such, we meet the following certifications:
We value our customers’ time and resources, which is why we are dedicated to providing efficient and timely service. Our employees respond to customer concerns and requirements with accurate and detailed data to support the decision-making process as clients determine the best course of action. If a client decides to proceed with other services from ATS, we guarantee to deliver a consistent quality of work from our various departments.
Don’t wait for your employees to develop long-term adverse health effects. If your company requires an indoor air quality assessment, contact Applied Technical Services. Our customer service policy guarantees precise reporting by experts and associates to facilitate your location’s improvement.

Call us at +1 (888) 287-5227 or submit a contact form for a professional indoor air quality assessment and other required services.

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