An old air conditioning unit with mold growth that can become dangerous unless mold testing companies clean the vent.

Mold Testing Companies

Mold testing companies assess indoor environments for mold presence, concentration, and type. ATS employs highly qualified and educated indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) with experience in indoor air quality solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

You may want to hire an inspector if:

Mold can develop anywhere, especially in places of low ventilation and high humidity. Here are some common places for mold to grow:
If left uncleaned, the mold can spread and damage your building with wood rot, discoloration, and unpleasant odors. Mold can also make people sick; common symptoms of mold illness include headache, fever, and symptoms that resemble asthma or allergies. Long-term mold exposure can lead to extreme fatigue, trouble breathing, lung infections, and internal bleeding.
When Should You Take Samples?

Mold testing allows you to compare the level and concentration of mold indoors with that of mold outdoors by taking samples for laboratory assessment. While the EPA says that testing visible mold is typically unnecessary, the agency recommends that people take samples in three scenarios:

Our Sampling & Testing Capabilities
Mold testing typically involves a few different types of samples:
ATS can take air samples to test for airborne mold spores and bulk samples of materials to test for mold.
The EPA recommends that anyone working with mold should wear PPE such as gloves, an N—95 respirator, and eye protection when interacting with mold because certain molds release toxic mycotoxins when inhaled, ingested, or touched.
ATS professionals can safely locate and remove mold from hidden or difficult-to-access areas consistent with professional recommendations. Our professionals also have access to the proper equipment for inspecting, testing, and disposing of the mold and mold-infected materials. If needed, an inspector can take the samples to one of our A2LA accredited labs for further testing.
About ATS

For over 50 years, ATS has provided excellent consulting services in engineering, calibration, testing, and inspection fields. We offer custom testing and analysis services to the chemical, construction, and manufacturing fields, to name a few. ATS and our growing network of family companies serve clients across the globe in pursuit of continual growth and improvement. We have a reputation for providing high-quality customer service and detailed and timely analysis and documentation.

ATS holds multiple ISO/IEC 17025:2017(A2LA) accreditations and is NADCAP accredited in NDT. For a complete list of our certifications, click here.
Standards and Regulations
The EPA currently has no federal regulation for mold removal, but local and state laws can dictate permissible levels of mold exposure and mold remediation steps. Our experts adhere to local laws and industry guidelines for mold remediation, including:
The Big Picture
Mold can be a symptom of a larger problem. If you suspect mold growth is due to an underlying factor, such as a leak or poor ventilation, we recommend giving the investigation a wider scope. ATS offers additional services, such as:
ATS offers end-to-end service under a single contract. Our trusted experts will stay with you every step of the way as you build and follow a mold remediation process. We can also help you select a mold remediation contractor. One of our professionals can perform worksite observations to ensure that contractors follow state and local regulations and guidelines.
After contractor work is complete, we will test if the mold is no longer a threat. Finally, we promise a timely clearance of all inspection and remediation equipment so you can return to normal operation with optimal indoor air quality.
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